We provide extracts of medicinal mushrooms 

that are locally harvested in a sustainable way. 

All tinctures are formulated through double 

extractions by people dedicated to medicinal mycology.

About FHM

Whats sets us apart from the rest.

We sustainably harvest our mushrooms from clean wild sources and have an intimate knowledge of the New England forest.


We formulate all of our wildcrafted medicines in small batches, and regularly use our tinctures as daily tonics. No middlemen: from forest to you the medicine never leaves our hands.


We focus on Chaga, Turkey Tail, and Reishi; three abundant medicinals in our local forests.


In the future we hope to offer medicinal blends of Tinder Polypore, Artists Conk, and Birch Polypore.

View our photo gallery of some of the amazing forest treasures we find.  

Chaga Harvested responsibly, often aerially, and done with a consciencious spirit.

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