A Glimpse Back (2015)

At Forest Health Medicinals we have made some exciting strides into new mycological realms. On the medicinal mushroom tincture side, Tim has been busy studying and developing complete alchemical medicines called Spagyrics which we hope to offer soon (more on this later). On the cultivation side, we have upgraded from an SAB (Still Air Box) to a Laminar Flow Hood inside a small clean room. This enables us to inoculate and transfer cultures with much more ease and very little chance of contamination. Enjoy the pictures from the end of 2015 and stay tuned for new products this year to compliment your health regimen.

Still Air Box

Clean room with Laminar Flow Hood

Golden Reishi mycelium on agar plate

Golden Reishi spawn in quart jars

Tim checking out Spagyric mineral crystals through hand lens

Chaga Spagyrics gathering energy in our apothecary

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