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Last July I was on Cape Cod with my family and noticed some Stropharia rugoso-annulata (aka Winecap, Garden Giant) fruiting out of a path lined with woodchips. I ran and got my sons plastic beach shovel and found a few plastic water jugs out of a dumpster and in no time dug up a mycelial lens from underground- essentially woodchips bound together by mycelium.

When I got home I ran the mycelium on wet cardboard and buried it under 4" of fresh woodchips, watering it regularly with a hose for a couple weeks. Winecaps are easy to fruit outdoors and actually need microbial interactions within the soil, compost, and wood debris they fruit from.

Exactly 11 months later (June of 2016) the "vegetative clone" of mycelium I transplanted onto my property fructified! I am maintaining the patch by adding woodchips and waiting for the next meal!

All you need to do this is: 1) A verified Winecap from the wild (or mycelial culture)

2) Cardboard 3)woodchips or mulch.

Note purple spore laden gills and "cog wheel" ring left on stipe

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